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<Nitya> fez put me in the worst possible psychological state: mad about video games. now i'm in the second worst state: has an idea for a video game


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<Nitya> also i know a decent amount of physics and i'm pretty sure that learning physics is no guarantee that you're going to know physics
* Charlatan aims the LHC at Nitya
<Nitya> for example, the LHC is several kilometers across, and also a circle
<Nitya> hard to aim


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<Chadrahan> Maybe we could find some way to evacuate the atmosphere from orbit, so as to asphyxiate the angels.
<Barcode> Do they breathe?
<Barcode> I suppose so.
<Wilhelm> considering orbital Angels
<Wilhelm> I'm not sure that'd work
<Chadrahan> One way to find out.
<Barcode> orbital angels —> And use the oxygen to pump up and blow up the orbital Angels. A la dig dug
<Barcode> the air*
<Chadrahan> Exactly.
<Chadrahan> Evangelion is just a fancier Dig Dug.


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<rollermine> Charlatan: HAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS
<Charlatan> ...
<Vernal> .addquote Charlatan <Charlatan> I SUCK COCKS
<Vernal> 100% accurate
<Vernal> well actually, I only used half the text, which concentrates the correctness.
<Vernal> So it's more like 200%.
<saladofstones> if I were to add cocks would it be 400 percent correct?
<Vernal> More cocks is always more correct.
<IllFlower> saladofstones: Gotta be careful with highly concentrated correctness. You could kill someone with that.


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<jseblan> thing that annoys me in Saints Row 3: There are no socks in Steelport
<Barcode> socks ain't gangsta
<jseblan> but how am I going to make a cute tsundere character without thigh-high socks
<jseblan> I mean seriously
<Nitya> b-baka, i ain't pop a cap in yo ass because i like you or anything


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<Nitya> «Lactase can be purchased as a food supplement, and is added to milk to produce "lactose-free" milk products.» that's kinda cool
<Nitya> you can't digest this stuff, so we'll just add what you need to digest it for you
<Nitya> imagine going to a restaurant and buying a digestive tract with your meal
<Nitya> maybe renting would be more convenient.
<Barcode> yeah.
<Barcode> i imagine someone wrote a biopunk story where this happens.
<Barcode> ("no, but I will")


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<Nitya> "Pitches film where Scarlett Johansson uses 100% of her genome at once"
<Myrdradek> She already does amiright guys
* Myrdradek opens a beer can with his nose
<Nitya> is that... a sex joke? i'm not sure.


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*** Charlatan has joined #yackfest
* Charlatan bonelessly morphs into channel
* Alicia morphlessly channels into bone.
<Nitya> both of those sound really pauinfujl
<Alicia> Not to goddesses.
<Alicia> Charlie is Charlie so probably not to him.
<Charlatan> IT IS A *GOOD* PAIN.
* Charlatan vomits forth a thousand eyeless rats
<Alicia> See, told you Nitya.


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<Nitya> I did not know that you could do this to penises.
<Fiora> see, nitya, you'll become an expert in things that can be done to penises.
<Alicia> Been his dream for such a long time.
<Nitya> I'm already an expert in that, baby.
* Nitya winks


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-!- JBridge was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [actually]
<JBridge> SHIT
-!- JBridge was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [NO]
<JBridge> FUCK
-!- JBridge is now known as Arisaka
<n> Wow, you're like a shapeshifter in a movie!  You flip out and look like everything, but it doesn't matter because I have a shotgun!
-!- Arisaka was kicked from #yackfest by IllFlower [and just when you think you're safe]