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*** Charlatan has joined #yackfest
* Charlatan bonelessly morphs into channel
* Alicia morphlessly channels into bone.
<Nitya> both of those sound really pauinfujl
<Alicia> Not to goddesses.
<Alicia> Charlie is Charlie so probably not to him.
<Charlatan> IT IS A *GOOD* PAIN.
* Charlatan vomits forth a thousand eyeless rats
<Alicia> See, told you Nitya.


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<saladofstones> In this case, your boner explodes into a rainbow and you can never ever have a boner again but want to feel one pretty fucking badly
<saladofstones> so you eventually cover yourself in boners and lament how it just isn't the same
<saladofstones> then you become doom-rider


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<Barcode> remind me why anyone uses the warp for space travel
<Barcode> also, how
<Nitya> Because the webway is shut down or something, and they have shields that prevent bananas from morphing into daemons and such.
<Barcode> now imagining the bananas in pajamas with chainswords