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<Nitya> fez put me in the worst possible psychological state: mad about video games. now i'm in the second worst state: has an idea for a video game


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<BarcrimsonSkies> "We've lost government centre!" who cares
<BarcrimsonSkies> you don't understand, game. I don't give a shit if City Hall gets destroyed.
<BarcrimsonSkies> who eve n/needs/ the columbia towers? we can just build new ones
<Nitya> barcode, are you maybe not a good pilot


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<IllFlower> When you use "speedrun" like that I can't help but think it's a drug term.
<IllFlower> "Yeah, I totally speedran two lines of cocaine. Messed me *up*, man."
<ponicalica> You must have mistaken AGDQ for something hellish.
<IllFlower> Considering the number of glitches I saw, it did feel like I was high at points.


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<Barcode> Capcom will forever be known to me as "that company that makes the greatest fucking PC games ever, then only releases them on consoles."


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<IllFlower> would it be laughable to attempt to play a modern racing game using nothing but a keyboard, because I am sorely tempted to.
<zeroplusalpha> That's ok, I play visual novels with a wheel.
<blackberryPanther> Imagine Zero twirling the steering wheel furiously to choose the right option.
<blackberryPanther> And for the sex minigames, he's furiously pounding on the pedals. 
<IllFlower> that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "driving the plot forward".
<zeroplusalpha> As it does to "driving stick", presumably.


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<+Arha> o, a disgaea 4 is coming out? Kind of sucks that the PS3 sucks because that means it now has one more game I want to play
<+Arha> bringing it to a total of... two games, I guess
<+WildSeraph> What's the first?
<+Arha> Disgaea 3