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<Nitya> keep in mind I'm the kind of guy who has whole books on how fly eyes work
<saladofstones> you are the kind of guy I'd go to pubs with nitya
<Nitya> damn straight
<saladofstones> my dad has four rooms of our house filled with books
<Nitya> go to pubs and yell about cow shit
<saladofstones> and how eyes work
<saladofstones> fly eyes
<Nitya> how cow shit eyes work
<saladofstones> we'll get all the women and men
<saladofstones> we'd become gods
<Nitya> an unstoppable team
<saladofstones> imagine if we all died and this is the only reference the future has for our times
<saladofstones> imagine that


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<Myrmidon> "HP Lovecraft's greatest achievement is making sure every idiot says/posts "Cthulhu!" whenever an exotic sea creature picture gets posted."
<Nitya> thus destroying mankind's knowledge of sea life - and he detested sea life
<Nitya> well played mister craft
<Saladofstones> My problem is that everyone only says Cthulu
<Saladofstones> there were other cosmic horrors, such as the librarians who transcended space and time and abducted people and made them write in books
<Saladofstones> proving Lovecraft hated books
<Saladofstones> which is why he only wrote in magazines


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<bogo_lode> unless your books are all super obscure and you attempt to use them to make epeen points about how smrt you are
<Nitya> well some are kind of obscure but i'm not the peen type. let alone epeen, which would be a weird thing to show off in the real world
<Barcode> "I'm not the peen type" nitya's dating profile