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<bogo_lode> unless your books are all super obscure and you attempt to use them to make epeen points about how smrt you are
<Nitya> well some are kind of obscure but i'm not the peen type. let alone epeen, which would be a weird thing to show off in the real world
<Barcode> "I'm not the peen type" nitya's dating profile


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[after discussion of Genesis 38:8-10 and Matthew 5:28]
<Buttercupistiny> all of you need to go to the mass confessions this advent season
<Buttercupistiny> good gravy
<bogo_lode> is that a euphemism for the product of masturbation?
<Buttercupistiny> DOUBLE CONFESSION
<bogo_lode> "i confess… that Buttercupistiny kept saying salacious things and putting immoral images into my brain"


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[discussing China Mieville]
<bogo_lode> i'm thinking more about his books
<bogo_lode> they essentially all have the protags win
<bogo_lode> but in a way that is horrible and despair inducing
<Barcode> and lo, the protagonists won so hard they became the villains and lost to themselves
<bogo_lode> that kinda happens in the squid one