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<Miijhal> vegeta what are you doing
<Miijhal> that is not proper attire for a school teacher
<Juan|TheWire> also why would you be in super saiyan mode while going for seductive school teacher
<Juan|TheWire> shit don't make sense
<Miijhal> it's to grade papers faster than the eye can see
<Miijhal> he just chills out in the teacher's lounge warping all over the place while graded papers fall around him
<Miijhal> until he encounters that one kids essay
<Miijhal> he scribbles as fast as he can, summoning up a huge dust cloud
<Miijhal> but when it fades away the paper is totally unphased
<Miijhal> because it's not an essay at all but a scantron
<Juan|TheWire> You seem to have given this a frightful amount of thought.