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<Barcode[GameDesign]> xbox stopped reading disks. I threw a fit. then I ripped and tore it and reassembled it without acutally fixing anythign and now it works
<IllFlower> so your rage... disassembled, and then reassembled, your Xbox, and then fixed the problem
<IllFlower> that's some pretty damn impressive rage, dude
<IllFlower> people would pay for that kind of rage, man
<IllFlower> I can just see it now. "let your broken electronics feel the wrath of Barcode's Repair Service! bring in this ad for 10% off"


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<Chadrahan> Maybe we could find some way to evacuate the atmosphere from orbit, so as to asphyxiate the angels.
<Barcode> Do they breathe?
<Barcode> I suppose so.
<Wilhelm> considering orbital Angels
<Wilhelm> I'm not sure that'd work
<Chadrahan> One way to find out.
<Barcode> orbital angels —> And use the oxygen to pump up and blow up the orbital Angels. A la dig dug
<Barcode> the air*
<Chadrahan> Exactly.
<Chadrahan> Evangelion is just a fancier Dig Dug.


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<jseblan> thing that annoys me in Saints Row 3: There are no socks in Steelport
<Barcode> socks ain't gangsta
<jseblan> but how am I going to make a cute tsundere character without thigh-high socks
<jseblan> I mean seriously
<Nitya> b-baka, i ain't pop a cap in yo ass because i like you or anything


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<Rig> Raleigh and the Striker kid did look pretty similar.
<Rig> Now, you know who I couldn't tell apart at all? The Hong Kong team's triplets.
<Rig> They all looked the same.
<Barcode> well, twins.
<ponicalica> that's because they're played by actual triplets
<Barcode> and also they had fifteen seconds of screentime total.
* Rig gives up on joking.


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<Nitya> «Lactase can be purchased as a food supplement, and is added to milk to produce "lactose-free" milk products.» that's kinda cool
<Nitya> you can't digest this stuff, so we'll just add what you need to digest it for you
<Nitya> imagine going to a restaurant and buying a digestive tract with your meal
<Nitya> maybe renting would be more convenient.
<Barcode> yeah.
<Barcode> i imagine someone wrote a biopunk story where this happens.
<Barcode> ("no, but I will")


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<Osip_Zhgun[Barcode]> Do moe samurai commit seppuguu?


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<Yayoi> Buttercupistiny: They are, but on the flip side making Fiora flustered enough to turn bright red is like filling up a shot glass with a fire hose.
<Nitya> Exactly!  It takes strength and finesse.
<Barcode> That's hard too, you'll just knock the glass off the table. Then it will empty (and break)
<ponicalica> With Buttercup it's slightly harder.  Like filling up a pint glass with a fire hose.
<Buttercupistiny> you would think he'd be on his best behavior considering I'm making him food when we go on our date, but here we are.
<Nitya> Presumably he's already resigned to your poisoning it.
<ponicalica> Buttercupistiny: I already know you plan on poisoning me, so I'm just en---DAMN YOU NITYA


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<BarcrimsonSkies> "We've lost government centre!" who cares
<BarcrimsonSkies> you don't understand, game. I don't give a shit if City Hall gets destroyed.
<BarcrimsonSkies> who eve n/needs/ the columbia towers? we can just build new ones
<Nitya> barcode, are you maybe not a good pilot


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<Rig> I go back to work tomorrow. Actually excited about that. Should be getting new projects and junk.
<Nitya> at the school thing?
<Nitya> school... uh... whatever you did.
<Rig> Emerging Media and Technology Department or whatever the fuck we call it to make it sound more impressive.
<Barcode[spriting]> software engineering engineering solutions engineering dynamic.
<Rig> + Design
<Rig> That last bit is in Helvetica Neue.


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<bogo_lode> unless your books are all super obscure and you attempt to use them to make epeen points about how smrt you are
<Nitya> well some are kind of obscure but i'm not the peen type. let alone epeen, which would be a weird thing to show off in the real world
<Barcode> "I'm not the peen type" nitya's dating profile