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<Rig> I go back to work tomorrow. Actually excited about that. Should be getting new projects and junk.
<Nitya> at the school thing?
<Nitya> school... uh... whatever you did.
<Rig> Emerging Media and Technology Department or whatever the fuck we call it to make it sound more impressive.
<Barcode[spriting]> software engineering engineering solutions engineering dynamic.
<Rig> + Design
<Rig> That last bit is in Helvetica Neue.


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<zeroplusalpha> I mean, I have more than a passing interest in music, but some of these tefal-headed analyses on twelfth century numes and such-like...well, it's a bit too Giles for me, I'm afraid.
<zeroplusalpha> Ha. Sorry. Jargon. Tefal-headed: Scot slang for "hardcore". Derived from Tefal, the hard coating on nonstick pans.
<zeroplusalpha> Numes: notation for monastic chant, which nobody really knows how to read outside of a few individual with skin the texture of withered paper.
<zeroplusalpha> Giles: Librarian from Buffy. Knows how to read ancient texts".
<zeroplusalpha> Afraid: what I am of people with enough time to decipher long dead music.