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<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> I don't get people's hatred of 'fujoshi'
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> I can't go 5 steps on /a/ without someone lamenting them
<IllFlower> I think it's just tribalism.
<IllFlower> Like G.R.O.S.S. from Calvin and Hobbes, except less funny and more sad.
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> oh okay
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> well when you're sadder than a deranged blonde kid who talks to animals
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> ...
<SuperHighschoolLevelSaladHope> oh my god replace hobbes with waifus and you have /jp/


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<Tibetanfox> I mean, my car is old enough that if it were a girl I could legally and consensually fuck her.
<Tibetanfox> Goddamn. That is the worst analogy I have made in this channel.
<Tibetanfox> Ever.


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<Barcode> i live in a static discharge hell. just a constant fucking electron bukkake.