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<Barcode> «In a mission kept secret until after delivery, the pieces [(some stone artifacts)] were collected by the British Museum and brought back to Afghanistan by UK forces in July.» in marginally lighter news
<Saladofstones> I can imagine a call of duty mission based on
<Barcode> hold x to explain
<Saladofstones> Oh god
<Saladofstones> a quickk time event to explain the significance
<Saladofstones> if you fail the artifact just explodes, killing everyone
<Barcode> What if the screen just went blurry, with "Factual inaccuracy will not be tolerated!"?


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<zeroplusalpha> Maybe in like five years we'll have COD XIII-2: People's Liberation for make benefit for glory of People's Republic.


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<Foombazzle> Oh yeah. I need to leave the flat and go downstairs to grab another bag to refill my bucket too.
* Foombazzle wonders if theres an online service for it
<Foombazzle> Like I should be able to get an internet-connected bucket that will initiate a delivery automatically
<Charlatan> Would you like your bucket delivered by UAV
<Foombazzle> I think it would need to be. We're talking 10kg of rice, so the average drone wouldn't cut the mustard.
<zeroplusalpha> 10kg???
<Foombazzle> yeah, I grab a sackful at a time, which is why Im always so surprised when I run out. My calculations are always based on the approximation of "ok. This should last till I reach retirement age"
<Charlatan> I'm now imagining a very unusual game of Call of Duty.
<Charlatan> "CARE PACKAGE IS INBOUND! *giant crate of rice flattens Foombazzle*"
<Foombazzle> from the T&C: Customer's in high-rise apartmenrts are reminded to leave their windows open for half an hour either side of the scheduled delivery time. Precision delivery is automated and will occur regardless of window status.
<Foombazzle> Do not stand near windows during this time.
<Foombazzle> Any spillage after package deployment is responsibility of customer.