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<Nova> kiwis are the worst bird
<Nova> worship owls instead
<Alkthash> Do you really want to go down this road Nova? Dark thinks lie down this path
<Alkthash> Bluh. I don't want to hear another thing about owls. The next person who says anything about the devil birds will get cut. Immediately after that I will lick the wound to savor their fear and surprise. But not content that they have been kissed twice, first by my steel and then by my hate, I will whisper 8 words in their ear. And then they will take five steps and have their heart stop as a host of maggots begins to crawl out their eyes
<Alkthash> Eventually enveloping their body in a coccoon of festering pain and despair.
<Alkthash> And then I will drop the spaghetti to get senpai to notice me


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<Fiora> Jokes about ballistics are just so derivative.
<Fiora> These puns are accelerating in terribleness.
<saladofstones> that's beautiful Fiora, I think
<saladofstones> I need to turn it into a message about not going ballistic, though
<Fiora> (Sorry, calculus puns are obligatory!)
<GMH> Calculus puns are integral to every collection of nerdy puns.
<zeroplusalpha> I can't really differentiate between them, I'm terrible at maths.
<Fiora> I think I'm reaching my limits >_<
<Fiora> I don't think these puns can remain continuous for long.  Soon they're going to have to leave our domain.
<Juan> oh god i don't know math and yet these puns are hurting me
<GMH> That's a very clear sine of their power.
<Fiora> Don't go off on a tangent!
<Juan> You seem to be going in a tan...seriously
<Fiora> I liked the angle we had going there.
<zeroplusalpha> I would choose to not remain in this locus.
<Juan> It was quite acute angle, indeed
<GMH> You're just being obtuse.
<GMH> These puns are the right way to do things.
<Fiora> I'm not sure it's a real good idea; they can get pretty complex!
<Fiora> But I guess my fears might be imaginary.
<zeroplusalpha> You never know, the inverse might be true: they could be friendly.
<GMH> On secant thought, they might not.
<FlyingChaucer> You guys are in-sine
<zeroplusalpha> Opinion is divided on that.
<GMH> Our irrationality seems to be driving some people away.
<Fiora> Maybe the puns would be better if they were more natural?
<Fiora> Some of them are too negative.
<FlyingChaucer> at least we're real :V
<GMH> They're just adding to my amusement.
<zeroplusalpha> This is becoming exponentially sillier.
<Fiora> I think we should log some of these for later review.
<Fiora> I mean, it's only natural.
<Fiora> Then, I can eeeeeeee~ over them later!
<GMH> That's not a common idea at all.
<FlyingChaucer> that was a well-calculated move
<Fiora> It is the base of the idea, after all!


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<Electivirus> Extended, my ass.
<Alkthash> Goatse?


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<Alkthash> It looks like a fucking Pinata massacre went down and we used their hides as decoration


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<RevAlk> Goddamn patience skill, level faster!


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<Alkthash> Oh god, there is nothing that is not terrifying about duck reproduction


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<Alkthash> Yen notes danmaku?
<Alkthash> Somebody make that fangame.
<zeroplusalpha> I believe that's called "investment banking."


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<Alkthash> Faw is still around? He didn't ascend to a higher moe based plane of existence?
<Charlatan> Elemental Plane of Moe
<GoggleFox> Right next to the Elemental Plane of Fire.
<Zizoz> And the Elemental Planes of Larry and Curly.


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<Alkthash> Jackerel - man why does she have to be difficult? Ten's screwdriver would be a much more efficient shape for a sex toy.


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<Lin_Chong> I really wonder about these advertising policies.
<Lin_Chong> Why do the bait-and-switch at all?
<Alkthash> Because tits are a fast way to get attention?
<Lin_Chong> Once people realize that it's not ecchi and instead a cheap MMPORG, then they'll just leave.
<Alkthash> Well yeah. But a few will stay around.
<TParadox> "BOOBIES! Oh, an MMO? Sure, why not."
<Alkthash> Oh wait I have to pay to do anything fun?
<TParadox> [[strike:It's just like real women!]]