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<GMH> you have to stop doing that
<IllFlower> GMH: Hm?
* GoggleFox is now known as doingWhat
<IllFlower> GMH: You mean changing my name repeatedly? :P
<GMH> yes
* doingWhat is now known as Why
<IllFlower> GoggleFox's new album Asking Questions Through Changing Nicknames, coming out this summer on Smashed Troper Records.


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<Alkthash> Faw is still around? He didn't ascend to a higher moe based plane of existence?
<Charlatan> Elemental Plane of Moe
<GoggleFox> Right next to the Elemental Plane of Fire.
<Zizoz> And the Elemental Planes of Larry and Curly.


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<GoggleFox> "You are now considered Very Evil." "You have lost fame with the faction Troper Shitpost Squad. You are now Vilified."


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*** GoggleFox joined #yackfest
* sgrunt puts a pair of goggles on GoggleFox.
*** GoggleFox is now known as DoubleGoggleFox
<Alkthash> The goggles do nothing!
* sgrunt puts another pair of goggles on GoggleFox. <_<
* JohnShark paints DoubleGoggleFox black
<sgrunt> Looks like the Goggles Do Something Unusual...
*** DoubleGoggleFox is now known as ThisIsRidiculoussgrunt


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<GoggleFox> With 1/2 the calories and saturated sin of natural Satan it's I Can't Believe It's Not Satan! For the soul-conscious mortal.
<Alkthash> {{May contain evil}}


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<GoggleFox> If were a drink, it would be one of those horrible fruity martinis with tons of vermouth as a base, two entire lemons' worth of wedges around the rim (no sugar rim) and a purple umbrella stuck through one of them.


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<Wicked223> @g the system is deown
<Omnipresence> Google: System of a Down —
<Wicked223> HA
<GoggleFox> And then
<GoggleFox> Make TVTropes's server work
<GoggleFox> DO EET
<Electivirus> @g deown
<Omnipresence> Google: Emerald theme manager, not switching themes? [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums —
<Electivirus> ...
<GoggleFox> @g doen
<Omnipresence> Google: Stichting DOEN - Home —
<GoggleFox> . . . I don't even want to know
<Electivirus> @g deown in the dumps
<Omnipresence> Google: Employees Down in the Dumps? That's Great News! | BNET —
<Electivirus> ..........
<jseblan> :|
<Electivirus> @g deowntown
<Omnipresence> Google: Vital Signs: What makes Metro Vancouver livable? - Social Studies —
<Electivirus> I give up.