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<Reyendo> You must be a rapist.
<Reyendo> You rapist.
<Reyendo> and a communist.
<Reyendo> a rapist-communist.
<Electivirus> Rapunist.
<Reyendo> So, you rape while espousing marxist values?
<Reyendo> Or do you marx while espousing rapist values?
<TibetanFox> Hey, the communist bit is all you, Comrade.
<TibetanFox> Now put on this Ushanka and bend over.


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<IllFlower> Oh, we can recruit Nitya as our second voice actor. Nitya, can you say "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh~"?
<Nitya> if you give me a tongue depresser
<IllFlower> Not that kind of "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh~". More of the kind that you would make when ivoryRum violates your innocence.


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<JBridge> You should be able to raze other people's farms in Farmville.
<TParadox> "Joel Button raped your fields. Send a thank-you 'gift'?"


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<JackMackerel> Actually, I'd just like to fuck Tzetze.
*** Nitya left #yackfest (grody)
*** Nitya joined #yackfest
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<Dolphinpeter> dolphins, the gay rapist of the seas
<Pravd> Well something in nature had to fill that niche.
<Arha> Ducks are the gay rapists of the sky.
<Pravd> I guess dolphins just drew that straw.


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<TParadox> So Lockon came back and said "I need to atone! I need to atone!" for several pages, then the thread got locked. Anything more interesting happen between coming back and getting locked?
<Charlatan|EXPLETIVE> Not really, I think.
<Wicked223> No, just lots of implied lesbian rape.
<Doomlewa> the usual


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<CharlatanAznable> Raep in the mornin raep in the evenin raep at supper time~


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<ivoryRum> > rape gloves
<feepbot> ivoryRum: It looks like someone got here before you judging by the fluid. You don't really want sloppy seconds. You have more class than that.


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<JBridge> And yeah. We raped feepbot to death.
<Nitya> jseblan: Neat.
<jseblan> Yeah
<jseblan> Unless it lasts more than 52 minutes


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<VicariousShaner> Its dark out though
<VicariousShaner> Rapists have a 100 percent standing outside yoru door chance
<VicariousShaner> like, even when they dont rape you, they are watching
<VicariousShaner> watching
<VicariousShaner> Possibly raping the bush
<VicariousShaner> in wait