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<DograMagra> "Could God make porn so disgusting that he couldn't fap to it?"  Good times.
<GMH> don't go outside, DograMagra, you might get hit by a penis-shaped bolt of lightning. 
<jseblan> Dogra: Maybe he can. The question is: Can he make porn so disgusting a human couldn't fap to it?


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<hello> Recursion is easy!  It's just masturbation, but with functions.


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[after discussion of Genesis 38:8-10 and Matthew 5:28]
<Buttercupistiny> all of you need to go to the mass confessions this advent season
<Buttercupistiny> good gravy
<bogo_lode> is that a euphemism for the product of masturbation?
<Buttercupistiny> DOUBLE CONFESSION
<bogo_lode> "i confess… that Buttercupistiny kept saying salacious things and putting immoral images into my brain"


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<GMH> and yes, i do masturbate
<GMH> oh hey mapi's here
<GMH> sup
<ponicalica> we all know GMH masturbates to Mapi
<Kanade> someone fapping to me
<Kanade> is weirder than
<Kanade> someone having dream sex with me
<Gilgamesh> GMH does that too.
<GMH> actualy i haven't had dream sex with mapi
<Gilgamesh> doesn't this phrasing imply you do masturbate about her?


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<EthZee> Come on, guys, I know I wasn't the only person to masturbate to it.


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<Juan> And let's face it, most people feel weird about masturbation in their media. Naked white girls destroying everything are a-ok, though!


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<Nitya> How often do you Google yourself? <-- I cannot read this except as a stupid masturbation reference
<JuanCarlos> so, googling people = sex?
<Nitya> sure
<JuanCarlos> ah, ok. brb googling hot women


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<PragmaticArenaFighterBarcode> like, I don't even know what to do here! On one side, mechwarrior 2 hud, and what looks like am echwarrior 2 planet. On the other, she's fingering herself.