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<Zipp> Did I kill the conversation, or was it already dead to begin with?
<VerticalPig> It's like a fish out of water. Occasionally it shows signs of life by flopping awkwardly. Then somebody kicks it back into the ocean only for it to flop out again.
<VerticalPig> At this point you think that someone would have taken it home and eaten it for dinner, but IRC channels are of poor nutritional value.


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<Noimporta> you can always count on tropers to take a stupid situation, and make it sad
<Noimporta> the situation never stops being stupid, though


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<Zakdos> damn you british and your crazy inventions to always be at GMT!
<GuitarBizarre> We're british. Crazy inventions are what we do whenever we're not trying to persuade the Irish and Scottish to come to war.
<Zakdos> you invented the non-metric system
<GuitarBizarre> Sometimes we even make crazy inventions to get the Irish and Scottish to come to war.
<Zakdos> hey, that's what I like to call optimization
<GuitarBizarre> We call it imperialism.


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<TParadox> Liberal Christians are liberal because of what their religion says about the world. Conservative Christians are conservative because of what the world says about their religion.


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<GuitarBizarre> working in retail for TVs I can tell you one thing
<GuitarBizarre> most people who buy HDTVs aren't buying them for Blu-Ray
<TParadox> They're buying them to put a giant penis replacement in their living room.


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*** Kashchei joined #yackfest
<sporkaganza> Anyway it has Jon Lovitz in it so it's awesome.
<sporkaganza> And Phil Hartman. Yay.
*** Kashchei quit (Quit: Client Exited)
<Noimporta> Wow, she sure must hate Jon Lovitz.


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Glowsquid_1945: Evangelion would be 100% improved if you replaced Shinji with the guys from Gears of War.
Glowsquid_1945: fact.