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<jseblan> oh my god
<jseblan> I have the perfect weapon against the clams


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<jseblan> oh man I love quicksaving/quickloading in Skyrim's PC version
<jseblan> "God I hate Nazeem" *F5* "haha I killed Nazeem" *F9* "I'll kill him again and again and again and again-"


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<jseblan> AUGH
<jseblan> AWWW YESSS
<RocketDude> Enjoying yourself, jseblan?


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<jseblan> Charlatan you can't use your butt as a server
<jseblan> it only has one port and it... it's occupied
<jseblan> I'm having horrifying images right now
* jseblan plunges head in bleach


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<JBridge> And yeah. We raped feepbot to death.
<Nitya> jseblan: Neat.
<jseblan> Yeah
<jseblan> Unless it lasts more than 52 minutes


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* Charlatan humps a lamp post
<Charlatan> Assdocks
<Charlatan> Assdocks?
<Charlatan> Assdocks!
<Charlatan> Ahohoho, I drank 2 hours earlier and it's just kicking in
<Charlatan> wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<CTrombley> What did you drink, Charlatan?
<Charlatan> Some local brew named Open Pit Porter
<Charlatan> Ass
<Charlatan> Assssssssssss
<Charlatan> Ass on a stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
<CTrombley> How many did you have?
<Charlatan> A bit under half a pint
<Charlatan> Half a pint
<Charlatan> of assssssssssss
<CTrombley> I prefer beers. Last time I went to a party people did Jello Shots and they weren't able to gauge how drunk they were properly.
<Charlatan> jello ass
<Charlatan> ass shots
<Charlatan> WHO THE FUCK I AM?
<Charlatan> I'MMA HITCHU WIT
<Charlatan> WITH
<Charlatan> WITH ASS
<jseblan> Charlinaut doesn't sound good
<jseblan> Charlanaut is better
<Charlatan> Charly and the Charlanauts
<Charlatan> I'm the drunkest Greek ass


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<Solstace> .decide pokemon | Skyrim
<jseblan> Solstace: if only we could mix both
<Solstace> Alduin and Charizard held each other in a lover's embrace.....
<jseblan> :|
<Solstace> "Shout for me," Charizard said.
<SpruceZeus|Terraria> It was super effective


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<jseblan> wait, Champions Online uses procedural generation?
<Nitya> tons of stuff does
<Nitya> it's the new sexy
<jseblan> kind of old for a new sexy
<Nitya> everything new and sexy in computer science is actually like forty years old.
<RocketDude> So, is the actually new stuff even sexier, or is it like wine where the sexiness increases with age and why am I putting so much thought into this


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<jseblan> damn it, Internet. "Aphrodite scat" made me think "one goddess, one cup"