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<Myrdradek> I just helped a pregnant alleyway give birth
<Myrdradek> Planescape Torment is a good game


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<Barcode> Penguin asked for a book recommendation, RocketDude suggested a battletech novel (?????) that had Vietnam parallels, JBridge didn't understand one of the parallels, saladofstones started talking about it because that's his job~


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<Lin_Chong18> Most people don't insert their fingers in their anuses at the thought of harmonicas. There are individuals who do, and that's fine, but most don't.


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<RocketDude> Oh, so this is like that thing where the guy takes super-steroids and becomes super-powerful, and the way to stop him involves lots of death, and I reckon the edible fuckpillow factors in somewhere, most likely after the robot uprising. Gotcha.


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<RocketDude> Clearly, you've never had any experience with demons that evoke Gene Simmons


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<IllFlower> I am going to font-weight your position into a root beer float on top of a background-repeat in the opacity shales, you stupid CSS declaration.


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<ColorPrinter> So in my dwarf fortress world there's a god depicted as an anchovy that once cursed a serpent woman and turned her into a were-giraffe.
<ColorPrinter> I can't even make that shit up.


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<GuitarBizarre> I'm now imagining a gigantic penis plane, carpet bombing a fat italian man's vagina with exploding semen.
<GuitarBizarre> Thankyou internet.


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<PragmaticArenaFighterBarcode> like, I don't even know what to do here! On one side, mechwarrior 2 hud, and what looks like am echwarrior 2 planet. On the other, she's fingering herself.


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<Spacethash> So wait, in that game would Skrillex be a Paradigm member that is attempting to subvert Iroquois magic and hobo rituals and who must be shot on sight?