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<Buttercupistiny> he stays awake as long as he can, crashes into a nap, cannot fall asleep, does not take melatonin and then gets frustrated when he cannot sleep
<Juan> sounds like quite the image of health, Buttercupistiny
<CentralAvenue> So like a month ago I randomly became obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls and now this obsession WON'T GO AWAY
<Buttercupistiny> I will beat him with plushies until he learns the value of the powerpuff girls
<Buttercupistiny> that is not what I meant to write
<Rig> No, I imagine not.
<Buttercupistiny> the value of taking his melatonin
<CentralAvenue> So once again, the poni is asleep, thanks to THE POWERPUFF GIRLS
<CentralAvenue> ...Actually with you being "Buttercup" that makes too much sense


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<CentralAve> Well, *I'm* bigger than the person whose vagina *I* came out of!
<CentralAve> ...That was a weird sentence


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<CentralAve> Question: how do we know it's not the early word that gets the berm?