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<SpruceZeus> Looking at some Rob Liefeld art gave me an idea
<stiva> ... that sentence terrifies me, SpruceZeus


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<Rig> I'm aware of all relationships in this channel. It's the op power that IllFlower granted me.
<Rig> His cruel wisdom enlightens me.
<stiva> so you know about Nitya and me?
<Rig> The question is "Does Zia?"
* Zia looks at stiva
* Nitya looks at stiva 
* Zia looks *really hard* at stiva
* stiva whistles casually while backing out of the room.


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<Abyssinia> He's generally agreed to have invented firefighting, libraries, and prostitution, though.
<Abyssinia> And lightning.
<stiva> I heard he invented thinking.
<Abyssinia> That's actually an urban legend, he just applied for the first American patent on it.