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<LORd> .roll love
<feepbot> LORd: I do not understand love!


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<Alexcalibur> "Symbol [Bat], Uniform [Armor]. Maid roots: [Hereditary Maid]. Stress reaction: [Violence]. Powers: Skill[Lie Detector], Skill[Stalking]"
<Alexcalibur> holy fuck, BGTB
<Alexcalibur> you rolled fucking BATMAID


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<AHR> .vote 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Yes|No
<feepbot> Channel vote! The choices are: [1: Yes, 2: No] . You have -21474836.0-48s to decide. Go.
<AHR> -evil laugh-
<GoggleFox> Congratulations.
<GoggleFox> It's completely borked.
<Wicked223> This vote is never gonna end, is it?


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<jseblan> .decide |make coffee|Coffee is the only choice, the essence of life. Make coffee or perish
<feepbot> jseblan: Eh?


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<Solstace> .decide call | don't call
*** feepbot has left (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
<Solstace> Wimp.


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Nitya: It's like the ruins of a building, but with words.


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<Iverum> .decide walk|clean|code|die
<feepbot> Iverum: die
<Iverum> .rr
<feepbot> Iverum: Boom! You're dead.
<feepbot> Iverum: The gun has been reloaded.
<Saigyouji> Well, at least feepbot is consistent.


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<Iverum> Bluh, I have a calcium deficiency.
<Barcode> drink more milk then
<divert_time> or kill Barcode and eat his bones
<Barcode> i'll have you know that I have all sorts of methods of neutralizing calcium-deficient threats
<AliceTensei> Kill Barcode and eat his bones mixed with milk. Made from bones.
<KanyarMaryam> .decide read more about meditation | sew | write gay porn
<feepbot> KanyarMaryam: write gay porn
<Nitya> eat gay porn made from barcode's bones.
<divert_time> write gay porn involving Barcode's bones
<KanyarMaryam> So I'm going to write the porn on his bones...?
<KanyarMaryam> And it will involve them?


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<feepbot> Current score: [subs: 2, dubs: 5] . 20.93 seconds left.
<feepbot> Time's up! The winner is subs with 2 votes! Thanks for voting.


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<ivoryRum> > rape gloves
<feepbot> ivoryRum: It looks like someone got here before you judging by the fluid. You don't really want sloppy seconds. You have more class than that.