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<Rig> I'm like stairs because it's a lot of work to get me up, but going down can be lots of fun.


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<Rig> Raleigh and the Striker kid did look pretty similar.
<Rig> Now, you know who I couldn't tell apart at all? The Hong Kong team's triplets.
<Rig> They all looked the same.
<Barcode> well, twins.
<ponicalica> that's because they're played by actual triplets
<Barcode> and also they had fifteen seconds of screentime total.
* Rig gives up on joking.


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<Rig> I know not what Web 3.0 will be like, but Web 4.0 will be made of sticks and stones.


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<Rig> I go back to work tomorrow. Actually excited about that. Should be getting new projects and junk.
<Nitya> at the school thing?
<Nitya> school... uh... whatever you did.
<Rig> Emerging Media and Technology Department or whatever the fuck we call it to make it sound more impressive.
<Barcode[spriting]> software engineering engineering solutions engineering dynamic.
<Rig> + Design
<Rig> That last bit is in Helvetica Neue.


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<Saladofstones> all I can think of is a belgian expression for when something is useless
<Saladofstones> "its as useless as the pecker on the pope"
<Juardboiled> "belgian"
<Juardboiled> oh
<Saladofstones> what
<Saladofstones> you gonna knock my people
<Juardboiled> yes wha chu gunna do bub
<Saladofstones> I'll love you so tenderly man
* Juardboiled rips off shirt to reveal another shit saying no sorry i'm taken
<Rig> Juan is just covered in layers of shit.
<Barcode> dude, is that a fucking biological ability
<Barcode> growing shirts
<Rig> My biological ability is not giving shits.
<Rig> I'm a mutant.
<Rig> Mister No Shits Given
<Juardboiled> that explains so much about rig


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<Haruspex> You could just de-op Omni.
<Haruspex> Assuming it doesn't just grow the op back.
<Xeniera> so, in a sleep induced delirium, I read that as "doesn't just grow the balls back", and then I realized how similar "op" looks to a cock and balls.
<Iverum> Welp.
<Iverum> We can leave now.
<Haruspex> Go the fuck to sleep, Solstace.
<Xeniera> Hahahahahaha
<Xeniera> you are all secretly genitalia.


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<Saturn> Nitya can't give Solstace the things I give him!
<ivoryRum> Disappointment?


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<blamspam> Yeah, I actually wanted to have a look at the anime section in the CD store, but there was a creepy guy with some sort of ecchi Kawaii girl game in his hand there.
<atomsk> There always is.
<atomsk> It's like a rule.
<Tzetzuooooo> Don't worry, your existence should repel him
<blamspam> :(
<Tzetzuooooo> if not your existence, your taser
<atomsk> You're too old for him anyway.


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<Rig> An excuse to ban someone is always fun for me.
<Nitya> anyway have you /cs clear users'd yet
<Rig> IllFlower doesn't let me.
<Rig> I have to kick everyone manually because dictatorship.
<Nitya> God damn it IllFlower you are the worst fucking tyrant.  Like come the fuck on, where are my death squads?  I want to be forced against a wall and obliterated by a misguided kid barely younger than I am who will think I was a threat to human peace for years, as he fights off the slowly dawning realization that "I was just following orders" won't be taken seriously


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<IllFlower> "Thanks. Get any new books in recently?"
<IllFlower> "No, sorry. I'll let you know when we do, though."
<IllFlower> *flashbacks to the Mass Effect dialogue wheel*
<Iverum> I like to imagine my conversations as Mass Effect choices. There's one where I'm a righteous dick, there's one where I'm boring, and then there's the one where I'm a sarcastic prick.
<IllFlower> Is there one where you're not a bunch of prerecorded selections?
<Iverum> Nope.