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<IllFlower> "Thanks. Get any new books in recently?"
<IllFlower> "No, sorry. I'll let you know when we do, though."
<IllFlower> *flashbacks to the Mass Effect dialogue wheel*
<Iverum> I like to imagine my conversations as Mass Effect choices. There's one where I'm a righteous dick, there's one where I'm boring, and then there's the one where I'm a sarcastic prick.
<IllFlower> Is there one where you're not a bunch of prerecorded selections?
<Iverum> Nope.


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<TibetanFox> And I'm like "Bitch you said we were just friends and I have a hot, nerdy biracial lesbian with an English accent hitting on me, WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?"
<TibetanFox> Goddamn blue alien loli Tsunderes.
<HisMastersVoice> love sure is complex


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<Alkthash> I don't. Her typing quirk of saying This One pisses me off.
<goodtimesfreegrog> This one suspects that one is hurt in that one's butt.