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<Saladofstones> what sort of horrific sounds have you created?
<Nitya> oh it's mostly gibberish.
<Saladofstones> anything roughly melodic?
<Nitya> uh
<Nitya> if you're open minded
<Saladofstones> you know I read hentai right?
<Saladofstones> I'm nothing if not adaptable


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<saladofstones> what the fuck
<saladofstones> I get back on skype
<saladofstones> and I hear moaning from the mic of an anime girl then triumphant music
<saladofstones> did I just hear patroitc hentai?
<JBridge> Wait, what?
<JBridge> Patriotic hentai?
<JBridge> Are you reading Viva Freedom
<hacking> porno comics for Metal Wolf Chaos
<Charlatan> @g skippy especially patriotic porn