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<IllFlower> Assuming JackMackerel has common knowledge is like assuming a cow can read. ;)
<JackMackerel> standardillflowerinsult.wav
<Alkthash> Legionnaire - youmustbenewhere.jpg
<RocketDude> @yt nope.avi > Alkthash
<zeroplusalpha> thisisapparentlyanewthing.mkv


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<Alkthash> And there are topless women on Franks. I wonder how many French teenagers have used their own currency as fap material before the coming of the Euro.


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<JuanCarlos> And kids are normally interested in superheroes
<Alkthash> Not in shambling plant monsters that have hallucinogenic root sex with their girlfriends.


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<JackMackerel> Mari is NOT yandere
<GMH[onlinesecretlyfrombed]> i hear she's just insane
<Alkthash> She's an Eva character.
<Alkthash> Something is wrong with her.


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<Alkthash> First thing I would do if I had reality warping powers - make it so that typing an emoticon sets a persons hands on fire.


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<Iverum> Welcome back, JackMack.
<JackMackerel> Thanks.
<Buttercupistiny> hello stabby friend
* TParadox preemptively stabs JackMackerel
<Alkthash> Hey
* JackMackerel parried the stab.
<TParadox> Your reaction time is weak. I stabbed you like half an hour ago.
<Alkthash> We're in a fighting anime. That's plenty of time to pary
<Iverum> That whole time was JackMackerel reminiscing about the time Tzetze taught him the master parry.
<Iverum> In sepia.
<JackMackerel> And then I raped him on accident.
<JuanCarlos> You can't rape people on accident.
<Iverum> JuanCarlos: Well, the ultimate parry is done with the penis.
<Alkthash> Just admit that you auto parry by using your flab to absorb bullet wounds.


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<Alkthash> Heinous fuckery most foul.


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<JackMackerel> @ship endrance/yoda
<Solstace> JackMackerel: Should've expected that from you.
<JackMackerel> It is my fetish.
<Iverum> I thought stabbing people was your fetish.
<Evangelyne> I thought seeing women in sushi costumes tackling each other in a giant fondue pot was your fetish.
<Solstace> I thought Tzetze was your fetish.


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<Alkthash> Yeah, but I don't care about every blade of grass and tree or pointless anecdote Tolkien throws in between The Shite and Mordor.


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<Spacethash> Every Hemmingway book in a nutshell: Why did the chicken cross the road? To die. Alone. In the rain. Because he went to war.