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<Alkthash> the minesweeper fix has turned me onto a whole new genre of smut.


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<Alkthash> Rig is not just a mere gimp.
<Alkthash> Rig is a super high school level gimp.


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<GoggleFox> With 1/2 the calories and saturated sin of natural Satan it's I Can't Believe It's Not Satan! For the soul-conscious mortal.
<Alkthash> {{May contain evil}}


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<Crake> Eh, I told a little old lady that if she asked for more cream cheese on her bagel she would look like a bukkake starlet after her first bite.


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<Alkthash> Blah, still debating if I should get a cat.
<Juan> no
<Juan> get a fucking lion, i dunno
<Juan> you get the adorableness of cats and the rage know...a lion
<Juan> also, if you tie it right and you sit in a leather chair, you can stroke its mane and act like some kind of bond villain
<Alkthash> I don't have a leather chair. Just leather couches.
<Alkthash> I will not be The Dude of Bond villains.


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<Alkthash> Ritsuko's log: Recordings from pilot 00's pod bear the repeated phrase of "Paint me like one of your French girls"


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<Alkthash> why would you ban evade at TVT?
<Alkthash> It's like trying to play with the annoying older brother who keeps beating you up and breaking your toys.
<Alkthash> Sure they may seem cool, but when the divorce settlement comes and you each have to go with different parents, you aren't supposed to miss the sibling who made fun miserable.
<Alkthash> This metaphor keeps getting depressing now that  I think about what I'm actually saying.


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<Alkthash> And really, in the thousands of years their species have intermingled, no vampire has ever knocked up a human and they don't know what the offspring will be like?
<Lauren> At some point he her his his blood, apparently, to help.
<Barcodrawing> what


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<Alkthash> I am not moe!
<Alkthash> I have facial hair!
<Alkthash> That right there keeps me from being moe ever
<Tibetanfox> HIS BEARD IS MOE!


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<Alkthash> I don't. Her typing quirk of saying This One pisses me off.
<goodtimesfreegrog> This one suspects that one is hurt in that one's butt.