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<IllFlower> "Is this better than the Hamas dubstep?" // on a scale of "weird things to see right as you're checking in", this is pretty high


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<ponicalica> of course not, and ignore the meth I'm taking off this gay prostitute


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<Alkthash> Nothing livens up a conversation like seguing into how Pandas have tiny penises and are terrible lovers


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<Nitya> look, man. i'm not an alternate universe hitler who writes about cars. cars aren't my thing! go ask hitler if you want that kind of detail


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<Barcostuming> Snowden will not leak Russian assassins to your dad's location.


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<Nitya> my dong is six feet deep.


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<fatestayinthekitchen> i guess even antinatalists like lesbians


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<EthZee> Come on, guys, I know I wasn't the only person to masturbate to it.


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<Alicia> Fabulous moaning right here.


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<MilesDroid> there are only so many explanations on how you got a shampoo bottle rammed in your asshole, so most people are straight forward