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<BonSequitur> Sorry.
<BonSequitur> Sometimes the evil gets the better of me.
<BonSequitur> I've been working on it. I hardly ever wake up with a dead twelve-year-old covered in blood next to me.
<BonSequitur> Anymore.


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<Arha> I think most of us would agree that I'm more of an evil overlord than you
<JBridge> Really?
<JBridge> Try this.
<JBridge> Type .rr six times.
<JBridge> If you live, you're eviler than me.
<Arha> Evil overlords do not follow commands
<Arha> .rr
<feepbot> Arha: Click. 
<Arha> hm
<Arha> .rr
<feepbot> Arha: Click. 
<Arha> hmmm
<Arha> doesn't seem to be working
<JBridge> Four more times.
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Arha> .rr
<Solstace> lol arha.
<JBridge> What'd he do?
<Jack> Win.
<Jack> Since he's the evilest.
<JBridge> Fine.
<JBridge> .rr
<feepbot> JBridge: Boom! You're dead. 
<feepbot> JBridge: The gun has been reloaded. 
<JBridge> GOD
<JBridge> DAMMIT
* Jack claps
<Arha> Ahem.
<Arha> Thank you, thank you
<JBridge> ...I have nothing to say to you.
<Arha> Of course. You're not to speak until spoken to, slave