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<Alkthash> Oh god, there is nothing that is not terrifying about duck reproduction


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<ponicalica> I'm an expert at Charlatan's pants


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<Lin_Chong> That guy has hornet butts on his arms
<Lin_Chong> He can literally sting like a bee
<Lin_Chong> That's hype


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<Miijhal> Even a master martial artist like Jackie Chan can't always pull out fast enough


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<Cultist> I'm glad my inability to explain myself led to pictures of cat castration


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<Haruspex> see, you haven't gotten to demon politics! they have all kinds of clans, some of which look like wolfmonsters or whatever and some of which look like giant tits.


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<zeroplusalpha> It's really much better than it sounds.  It's difficult to describe how intensely sympathetic a supernatural megalomaniac transvestite with gamebreaking martial arts sorcery makes you feel towards her by the end, you'll just have to take my word for it.


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<Myrdradek> I just helped a pregnant alleyway give birth
<Myrdradek> Planescape Torment is a good game


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<Tibetanfox> Charlatan: Exactly. Games should not make you jump through too many hoops to let you turn into a bear.


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<Lin_Chong> I should probably watch that TV show where that guy fucks that pig