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<discordant> My coworker and I were talking about how naive the parents were during orientation.
<Komeiji_Koishi> @ship tsukasa/his coworker
<Omnipresence> Komeiji_Koishi: Ship request successful! <3
<Komeiji_Koishi> Where do you work at now, Tsu?
<discordant> ...
<Solstace> ...
<Solstace> That isn't Tzetze.
<Object> :/
<discordant> I am not Tzetze.
<Solstace> You fail forever, Komeiji_Koishi.
<Komeiji_Koishi> What
<Komeiji_Koishi> :<
* Komeiji_Koishi dies
<discordant> You...
<discordant> You deserve death.
<Object> Even my stalker forgets who I am
<Puffin> Quick, Komeji, ship someone else
<Komeiji_Koishi> Object: Can I make up for it with pity rape
<Puffin> Salvage what pride you still can
<TOKAM> Fun fact: "/msg Omnipresence @trace" is your friend.
<Solstace> @ship Komeiji_Koishi/ETERNAL FAILURE
<Omnipresence> Solstace: Ship request successful! <3
<discordant> Or /whois
<Komeiji_Koishi> :<
* Komeiji_Koishi stabs the fuck out of Solstace.
<discordant> *parents
* Solstace lets out one last laugh before collapsing into dust.
*** Solstace quit (Quit: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
* Komeiji_Koishi curls up in corner
<discordant> .seen Komeiji_Koishi's honor
<feepbot> discordant: I have not seen Komeiji_Koishi's honor in this channel!


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[The channel is discussing Osama bin Laden's death]
<TOKAM> I feel like I have missed out on something big.