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<Nitya> FutaServ shouts: "LOOK, IS THAT A DEMONIC DUCK OF SOME SORT?" *runs off without giving out any futa* You have a total  of 263 futas. <-- this is what I was referring to btw
<ponicalica> >FutaServ
<Barchomework> that is screwrd.
<ponicalica> fucking rizon
<Barchomework> look, I can't even type anymore
<Barchomework> I type worse*?
<Nitya> screwed + scary?
<Barchomework> all of my es have bn scard away.
<Barchomework> most of thm, anyway
<Solstace> Rizon is a scary place.
<Nitya> I'm only there for the drugs I mean anime.
<Barchomework> soon you'll be bragging to us about how you manage to fit all of those futas into a briefcase