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<Arha> I just don't think I like the idea of explosives on my cock


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<Reyendo> Also: I really suck at selling things to little girls.


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<Wicked224> You know, it's kind of weird, thinking about 2 Girls 1 Cup as a cultural milestone.


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<CTrombley> Everyone knows that lesbians get a free toaster oven if they recruit new lesbians.


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<Alkthash> the minesweeper fix has turned me onto a whole new genre of smut.


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<Alkthash> Rig is not just a mere gimp.
<Alkthash> Rig is a super high school level gimp.


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<RocketDude> Oh, so this is like that thing where the guy takes super-steroids and becomes super-powerful, and the way to stop him involves lots of death, and I reckon the edible fuckpillow factors in somewhere, most likely after the robot uprising. Gotcha.


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<RocketDude> Okay, fine, I'll give you that, but it still had to do with impractically large dicks, so my point stands


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<RocketDude> Clearly, you've never had any experience with demons that evoke Gene Simmons


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<Nitya> but all that crap is just layers on top of "masamune likes him some titties" anyway