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<Blackthorne> His handwriting looks like he stuck a penis up his ass and tried to write.
<Blackthorne> pencil
<Blackthorne> I don't know why I said penis.


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<Foombazzle> and every time I take a cab it seems like the gahmens put up another f*cking ero gantry. Cant seem to go anywhere without going through like 3 of the buggers now
<Foombazzle> *erp
<IllFlower> An ero gantry would be something else entirely.
<Foombazzle> well they both put their hands in your pocket and leave you feeling screwed


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<Kirino> have a safe strip
<Kirino> er, trip
<Kirino> ...~___~


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<IronyAdams> That is clear, but I enjoy having a Gay Old Time
<IronyAdams> I giggle when Watson ejaculates in Sherlock Holmes
<IronyAdams> And by Sherlock Holmes I mean the Sherlock Holmes stories
<Dove> Lol
<IronyAdams> WHOOPS hyuk hyuk hyuk
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<Alkthash> Yeah, but I don't care about every blade of grass and tree or pointless anecdote Tolkien throws in between The Shite and Mordor.