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<Nitya> mechwarrior, shitbird
<JuanMorrison> so do you just take random words and shove shit into them or what
<Nitya> what? yes, duh
<Nitya> how the fuck do you think words get made? you don't just fucking, like, say them


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<Nitya> Rig: you should tell me my ideas suck.
<Rig> Some of your ideas are of questionable fellate status.


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<Rotty> poni, "civilization" means "city-dwelling". Without farming, you can't support cities.
<GMH> wait
<GMH> since when did civilization mean city-dwelling?
<Logopolis> GMH: He's No-True-Scotsmanning
<BonSequitur> GMH: Since Rottweiler decided that ethymology is the final arbitrer of word usage and meaning.
<ponicalica> GMH: I think "civilization" does in fact derive from the Latin word for "city".  But that doesn't mean shit.
<GMH> yeah?
<GMH> well, it's so excellent it's egregious!
<ponicalica> To pull out an old example I've used a bunch of times: AMBULANCES DO NOT WALK.
<BonSequitur> 'Civilization' <- Civitas
<Rotty> You can't have civilization without the civis.
<GMH> actually
<GMH> i can
<GMH> i only need "civi"