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<FUCKYOUALL-kun> twistedbot: How are you?
<twistedbot> FUCKYOUALL-kun: I am not a bot


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<Solstace> "Registered users: Google [Bot], Solstace" <- Huh.
<Solstace> (from Novafest)
<RocketDude> I told you about bots, bro! I told you, dawg!
<todolistplusalpha> I knew it!
<Barcode> yep. solstace is a google bot.
<RocketDude> Solstace, in reality, was a cyborg built to become the ultimate soldier
<Barcode> instead he seeks to become the ultimate bard.
<Solstace> But mass production was deemed too expensive, so I put my mechanical excellence to use playing guitar.
<todolistplusalpha> There's an anime in this somewhere.
<JuanCarlos> It's not like Solstace's life being an animu would be surprising
<Barcode> A robot harem anime? I think you mean "there is one currently in production and we just don't know about it yet".