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<BonSequitur> ...
<BonSequitur> Seriously, now.
<BonSequitur> I look up 'arabesque' in dA.
<BonSequitur> What do I get? PORN!
<Gyges> Bon
<Gyges> It's the internet
<Gyges> You are complaining about water being wet


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<StarGirl00> Care Bears BDSM/noncon porn.
<NoimportaReturns> 1. where do you find this stuff? 2. Why do you let us know it exists?


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<soc> nobody wants to hear about how I scrape dried grease and oil off my body every night
<CatEgg> I'm sure someone here does
<jbit> there's probably some dude on craigslist who cares
<soc> :/
<jbit> he might even pay you to watch