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<Rig> How do I convince someone to stop doing terrible things?
<Juan> I normally recommend murder
<Rig> Well, they're my boss.
<Rig> And I don't think promotion works that way here.
<IllFlower> Find a way to connect the consequences of said terrible thing to the literal end of the world.
<Rig> Reinventing HTTP error codes?
<IllFlower> "If it takes too much effort to use our API, nobody will use it and we'll all die starving and alone in the streets."
<Rig> "Yeah, well, that's why you're all required to use it for our in-house projects."
<IllFlower> "We'll lose tons of productivity, your manager will find out, and you'll die starving and alone in the streets."
<Rig> He is the manager. ;-; There is only one person above him.
<IllFlower> I'd keep hammering in the part where he inevitably dies starving and alone in the streets.