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<Saladofstones> Well the tonkin incident was meant to escalate the war
<Saladofstones> what helped was the confusion
<Saladofstones> see intelligence fucked up, and thought there were two incidents at first
<Saladofstones> because in that day, it was hard to determine whether or not two or more people were talking about the same incident from different perspectives
<Saladofstones> NSA and CIA clarified that it was one, but the congress members who wanted war ignored later findings to escalate the war
<Saladofstones> which ended well for both sides
<Saladofstones> we got rid of our surplus of toxic chemicals, napalm, and poor people
<Saladofstones> and Vietnam got rid of its surplus of poor people, trees, and natives
<Saladofstones> Ho Chi Minh and Nixon were seen hi-fiving each other over how well it went and went on to drink beer in Michigan Central's Pub