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<Jackerel> Oh, Tibs, how's the flooding?
<Tibetanfox> I'm in Victoria, so I'm fine.
<Tibetanfox> As for Queensland, it's fucked. 75% of it is underwater now.
<Tibetanfox> Including the capital fucking city.
<Tibetanfox> Shit be fucked.
<Jackerel> Flash floods and shit
*** Blackthorne quit (Read error: No route to host)
<T-Cat> Yeah, see?
<T-Cat> There goes Blackthorne.


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<ThomasCastle> When I first read that, Misaki, I thought you meant you were writing a fanfic wherein Harry uses the Time-Turner to go back to Quirrell's childhood in an attempt to stop Voldemort from possessing him only to end up falling in love with young Quirrell.
<ThomasCastle> And then they get married and Harry gets pregnant and becomes the father of Neville Longbottom.