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<GuitarBizarre> FieldsOfPorn: I love the idea that the fact I'm not overly reliant on a huge stash of digitised naked women, is somehow cause to believe I'm square.
<GuitarBizarre> The reality is, I'm too busy ballin' mad honeys to bother with porn.
<FieldsOfPorn> GuitarBizarre: Hey, I don't have a stash of naked woman. No, what makes you a square is a lack of a cache of pictures of men doing it. God.
<GuitarBizarre>  FieldsOfPorn: {{only straight male}}
<TropeBot> Trope OnlyStraightMale doesn't exist. Closest match: Even The Guys Want Him
<GuitarBizarre> I believe the tropebot link is explanation enough.