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<Korgmeister>  I love the delete key. It helps my posts to suck less.


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Korgmeister: Dude this is like Metal Wolf Chaos: The Eroge.


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<Korgmeister> Hmm, it appears to be about a bunch of rich, pretty boys who seduce wealthy women for money.
<Korgmeister> This could be relevant to my interests.


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<Jinxed> if you want a hug I can give ya one
<Jinxed> but korgy's special cause he's a teddy bear
<Noimporta> Being Australian, wouldn't he be more of a Koala?
<Korgmeister> Koalas are like psycho teddy bears.
<Korgmeister> Oh wait, that kinda works.
<Jinxed> well I have a theory he's a mutant Corgi who's grown gigantic
<Jinxed> he just happens to be kinna grumpy


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<Arha>  DragonAgeIsMediocre
<DragonAgeSucks> Yeah mediocre would be a good way of putting it.