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<ponicalica> what was the name of the grad student who killed his advisor
<ponicalica> ted streleski
<AliceTensei> "In 1993 Streleski was turned down for a fare box repair position with the San Francisco Municipal Railway after his crimes came to light." He might... murder the fare box?
<Nitya> 16th year pursuing his doctorate <-- ._.
<GMH> > after his crimes came to light
<GMH> > crimes
<GMH> isn't this just one crime?
<GMH> someone go fix that
<GMH> i don't feel like signing into wikipedia
<ponicalica> you can edit wikipedia anonymously
<GMH> i don't feel like it
<Corvidium> there are two crimes
<Corvidium> the first is the murder, obviously
<Corvidium> the second is being in grad school for 16 years
<Nitya> done
<Corvidium> Nitya, why did you introduce an error into Wikipedia
<Nitya> spite
<Nitya> fuck the world