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<Barcode> My problem with autonomous cars starts and ends at "why not jsut take the fucking bus, it's more efficient and hsould go to just about as many places"
<Solstace> And thus the autonomous bus was invented.
<Barcode> bus-casuals.
<Barcode> (no, really. that'd be fine by me)
<Solstace> pffft
<zeroplusalpha> Actually, in central London at most times during the day it's more efficient to walk.
<Nitya> I have to walk several miles to get to the nearest stop :<
<Barcode> Yes, but rural area
<Solstace> Well, we live in the middle of nowhere.
<Nitya> :<
<Solstace> YOu even moreso than me.
<Barcode> ruralites will beh ereby doomed to horseback
<Barcode> autonomous horses
<Nitya> that would be funny if it wasn't true.
<Nitya> there is so much horse crap around here you don't even know
<Nitya> I think at least 20% of the average horse's body mass is excrement, it's the only explanation