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<Loki_Weyland> Fuck yes, I just ordered my 2 TB external hard drive.
<IllFlower> Loki_Weyland, your porn collection might be getting a little out of hand.
<Loki_Weyland> My porn collection isn't even 40 GB.
<Loki_Weyland> This is for my anime.
<IllFlower> You say that as if you watch any non-porn anime.
<IllFlower> Also, "not even" 40 gigabytes is not how most people would describe it.
<Loki_Weyland> I've seen people bragging about having external hard drives JUST for porn. 40 GB is nothing.
<IllFlower> I haven't seen those people, so as far as I'm aware, you are to porn as Scrooge McDuck is to piles of money.
<goatboy> He swims in it?