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<BonSequitur> "So it's an action-tactics word game RPG in which you create a character and cast spells by interacting with other characters with a natural language interface. It's set in a post-modern Victoriana-meets-New-Wave universe, to the music of Radiohead. The end boss is a Steampunk mecha hitler."
<Nitya> I like it, Bon, where's your Kickstarter
<BonSequitur> "Oh, and it's a F2P social game with Facebook integration as well."
<Nitya> :<
<BonSequitur> I'm setting up a Kickstarter for the Kickstarter for that project.
<BonSequitur> As you know, making a sweet Kickstarter presentation costs money.
<Nitya> Good, good.  Maybe you can get some VCs to fund that Kickstarter.
<BonSequitur> Actually, I was in talks with a microfinancing outfit about getting some seed funding to pay for my trip to go talk to VCs who can potentially help fund the kickstarter for my awesome Kickstarter presentation for the game project.
<IllFlower> Microfinancing is passé now. We've been using marginal loss-based nanofinancing sourced from urban pedestrian traffic corridors for our project.
<BonSequitur> IllFlower, you mean you've been taking lost change from sidewalks?
<IllFlower> That's what the venture capitalists said when they laughed at my financing scheme. We'll see who pelts whom with quarters next time we meet!
<Nitya> I think there's a viable tax deduction for that.
<IllFlower> Form 1067-N, line 26(a): Deductions for coinage used as munitions.
<Nitya> Sometimes, the system does work. :)