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<Nitya> At least you haven't had your mom ask you to read her Harry Potter fanfic.
<Nitya> that was the moment at which I truly realized I was living in the future


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<CTrombley> Lupin was sittin' all sexy like, but Snape didn't give a damn as all his damns had just been stolen. Snape picked up Lupin by the ear and punched him in the eye. Lupin wrestled Snape to the ground and they pulled each other's hair and shredded each other's clothes. Don't know why, but they did. The fight paused, partly because they were old, exhausted men but mostly because Spike Jones was standing above them laughing evilly.
<CTrombley> Snapes could feel the blood throb out of his enormous nose, obviously. The problem was that he could feel Lupin touching his throbbing member.
<CTrombley> "FOOOLS!" bellowed Spike Jones in his middle range, unimpressive voice. "I have gathered you here today for one reason! Only I can have the worlds greatest collection of bric a brac! Only I, the artist, can truly appreciate its power, its majesty, the power of junk to communicate the very soul!"
<CTrombley> "We've been double crossed!" observed Snape inaccurately. The professor was rendered slow witted by the recent events. "There is only one way to defeat Spike Jones..." said Lupin. Snape looked at him and slowly realized ... That he could just use magic to solve this situation. He did. The End.