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<IllFlower> Iverum, I note that you haven't refuted my assertions, which means that they're true. Or that you're ignoring me...
<Iverum> I don't hold conversations with glorified chat bots.
-!- Iverum was kicked by IllFlower (What if they kick you?)
-!- IllFlower was kicked by ChanServ ((Iverum (ivoryRum)) No reason given)
-!- Iverum joined #yackfest
-!- IllFlower joined #yackfest
<FAMAS> how did you give, take your own auth
<FAMAS> and then um
<FAMAS> kicked by one who is not on channel
<FAMAS> errr
<Iverum> ChanServ is nice.
<IllFlower> It's the IRC equivalent of a slapfight, really.
<Iverum> It's funny. I started typing the command to kick as soon as you went op, but you kicked me before I could finish typing the channel name.
<IllFlower> I should remember to arbitrarily change my nickname so that doesn't work!
<n> That hardly seems arbitrary.