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[Saladofstones is playing ArmA]
<Saladofstones> well
<Saladofstones> this was something
<Saladofstones> here we are in a tank, not any tank
<Saladofstones> but a variant of tank specifically designed to fight other tanks, so we have three layers of armor
<Saladofstones> one taliban with a grenade launcher gets a lucky hit, our ammo cooks off and we all die
<Saladofstones> thats 500 million dollars well spent, Pentagon
<Saladofstones> Someone got their 72 virgins instantly today
<Haruspex> oneshotting a tank is worth at least a few virgins imo
<Saladofstones> whats worse is that an APC survived a direct hit from my HEAT
<Saladofstones> what happened is that our hyper velocity rounds are too fast
<Saladofstones> so it went in one side of its thin armor and out the other and took out a tree
<Haruspex> gotta go slow... and... armor piercingly
<Saladofstones> I think this tank is either cursed or the spirit of technoallah was with the taliban today
<Haruspex> also i thought the point of HEAT rounds was that they exploded while inside or something
<Saladofstones> yup
<Haruspex> you had one job heat round
<Saladofstones> but the problem being it needs a specific set of circumstances to explode
<Haruspex> but nooooo, gotta blow up a tree
<Saladofstones> apparantely armor made of cardboard doesn't count
<Haruspex> yeah, they expect thicker armor than a shitty apc has, right?