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<IllFlower> Hm, people are talking about over-Americanized subs. I'm tempted to form a Real American(tm) sub group in response.
<IllFlower> "We also take offense to the increase in 'Americanization' of fansubs, but for a different reason: these so-called 'American' subs in no way represent true conservative American values, as our Founding Fathers intended. We at Real America Subs want to correct this grievous wrong."
<IllFlower> "Q: Why are you subtitling Japanese television shows? Aren't you just supporting the exporting of our entertainment industry and taking away American jobs? // A: We believe that the Japanese entertainment industry would not exist had America not brought democracy to the country after World War II; thus, anime is actually American, and any claims otherwise are an affront to American exceptionalism."
<IllFlower> "Q: How am I supposed to find your releases? They're not on BitTorrent or XDCC. // A: BitTorrent is socialism in disguise, as it asks us to rely on our peers and redistribute our wealth through the practice of 'seeding'. Conservasubs believes that the free market should be allowed to determine a price for our subtitles. If you would like a copy, please send $750 to P.O. Box 1846, St. Petersburg, FL 33701."