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<Spaghetti> No, y'all don't understand. I told solstace about this chick I was having relations with, and not an hour later things went to hell with her.
<Spaghetti> Thanks, jackass
<Solstace> Oh, sorry :(
<JackMackerel> How bad?
<JackMackerel> My condolences.
<Electivirus> ;___;
<Spaghetti> At least she convinced her boyfriend not to kill me.
<Spaghetti> cough
<Electivirus> ...
<JackMackerel> ...
<JackMackerel> Wow.
<Solstace> ....
<TOKAM> ...
<Penguin> I think I've spotted the problem.
*** Electivirus is now known as Sympathy
* Sympathy flies out the window