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* Nobody has joined #yackfest
<sporkaganza> Nobody uses proxies.
<sporkaganza> Lol at people named nobody where you can make weird grammar/semantics jokes
<sporkaganza> Nobody is a very interesting person.
<sporkaganza> Nobody cares about today's issues.
<Nobody> Nobody cares about YOU!
<sporkaganza> Nobody listens to what you have to say.
<sporkaganza> Nobody helps you when you're down.
<Barcode> Nobody's just that great of a guy.
<sporkaganza> Nobody is a true friend to you.
<cts> Nobody wants to give you up?.3
<GMH> Nobody plans to let you down.
<sporkaganza> Nobody's gonna run around and desert you.
<Nobody> Nobody's gonna make you cry
<Nobody> Nobody's gonna tell a lie and hurt you